Plan Your Degree Path

In order to graduate in a timely manner, students should plan their academic degree path by making sure they cover their general and major requirements.

Broad Degree Requirements:

  • 120 total credits
  • 40 credits at the 300-400 level
  • 2.0 local MSU and overall GPA

If you have questions on these broad degree requirements, contact the College Advising Office.

General Education:

It is extremely important to have your general education assessed by the College Advising Office far in advance of your planned graduation date in order to avoid any extra coursework. The College Advising Office will be able to look at the courses you have already taken by reviewing your DARS report and together you can create a plan to finish these requirements:

  • Forty-four (44) total general education credits
  • Fulfilling goal areas 1a, 1b and 3-11 (requirements vary in each Goal Area)
  • Two (2) writing intensive courses from two (2) different disciplines (in addition to ENG 101)
  • Two (2) diverse cultures courses from two (2) different disciplines
  • Eight (8) credits of language (only required for some majors)

Major Requirements (check your Undergraduate Catalog for your admission term):

The bulk of advising for majors is completed within our individual departments. This gives students the opportunity to speak directly with an experienced faculty member within their chosen major who could also mentor the student throughout the rest of their academic experience. Generally, students discuss the following with their Faculty Advisor:

  • Admission to the major, including GPA and pre-requisite requirements
  • When to take each major core requirement
  • Selection of appropriate major electives
  • Selection of appropriate minor (if required)
  • Internships, individual study courses, volunteering and professional networking