Speech & Debate Program Overview

The Speech-Debate Graduate Program program is designed to provide professional development through graduate courses in speech and debate. We realize our students are a mix of novice and veteran teachers, coaches, and administrators. The program provides opportunities for all levels of experience.

The program is composed of a series modules from which students may select for their coursework. The modules are online, self-paced, self-contained (no books to buy), and focused on graduate-level speech and debate. The modules have strong application to teaching at a community/technical college and coaching at all educational levels.

CMST 550-557 are shells for the modules. The student selects the modules they are interested in taking; the faculty select the most appropriate course to reflect the content of the selected modules.

Modules are packaged together to equal the content and expectations of a graduate course. Select the appropriate number of modules for the number of graduate credits you wish to earn.

  • 2 modules = 1 graduate credit
  • 3 modules = 2 graduate credits
  • 4 modules = 3 graduate credits

Credits earned may be applied to a graduate program in Communication Studies including the 100% online graduate programs - master of science, a master of fine arts, and a graduate certificate in Communication Education. 

Program Costs:
Details on graduate tuition/fees are available at www.mnsu.edu/campushub/tuition_fees/.

Send questions to Daniel Cronn-Mills, Program Coordinator.