Want to Learn More: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I do an internship?

An internship provides students with practical professional experience. This experience is crucial to help build resumes so finding a job after graduation. This experience helps students grow as people and as professionals.

An internship is not…

An internship is not a clerical or “unskilled” position nor is it an unstructured position without a clear supervisor and feedback on job performance. An internship is not something the student is already doing as a job.

What should I do before looking for an internship?

It is important for students to have material to put on their resumes. If it seems that the resume is lacking, students can volunteer around the community or join an organization on campus.

What are the requirements for doing an internship?

Students must have a 2.5 GPA in their major. Typically, students have completed at least 15 credits of their Communication Studies coursework.

Can I do an internship where I work?

This depends on what position the student holds at their work. For example, a student who cashiers at a large grocery store can intern there but not as a cashier. The store moved them into a public relations position for their internship. Students should talk to their adviser about turning a job into an internship.

Why would anyone want to hire me as an intern?

Companies and non-profits gain a great deal from interns. These students have energy, excitement and new ideas all while working hard. Students give the company service and a broad range of experiences and skills. Each party has something to gain from internships.

How many internship credits can I take?

Students can register up to eight credits of internship that can be applied to their CMST degree. Students may take an internship for up to 12 credit total but only eight credits will apply to their internship fulfillment. If an internship is taken for 12 credits, the four additional credits will count toward the 120 students need for graduation.

How many hours must I work at my internship?

In compliance with the federal policy, standard expectations are 45 hours of on-site internship experience for each credit hour earned.

How long are internships?

This can vary but, in most cases, an internship is one semester.

Can I intern in another country?

Yes! This needs to be discussed with the student’s advisor as soon as possible to make sure the internship meets all of the requirements.