Study Abroad

Our majors can take advantage of the many study abroad programs through the Center for Education Abroad and Away, some of which allow students to pay the tuition rate of their home institution, thus reducing the study abroad costs. Film & Media Studies currently has two partnerships with universities abroad.

1. Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Students interested in studying literature, creative writing, film or a combination of these disciplines can study at Queen’s University in Northern Ireland for a semester or a year. Queen’s University was founded in 1810 and it is one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom. The city campus offers students the opportunity to take advantage of the vibrant arts community in Belfast.

For more information, contact Steve Rybin.


2. Han University, Arnhem, Netherlands

Students in film or technical communication may be interested in studying for a semester at the Institute for Communication, Media Design and Information Technology (ICA) at Han. The university is located in the city of Arnhem, about one hour southeast of Amsterdam. Students can choose from the following programs of study. Each involves two courses and a final project. In addition students participate in B302 (internship), working on information and design projects for local clients.

  • Serious Gaming
  • Game
  • Mobile Application Development (MAD)
  • Information System Engineering (ISE)
  • Scripting for Designers (SFD)

Watch for Han Workshops every Fall and Spring. You will have the opportunity to meet faculty from Han in these week-long workshops.

For more information, contact Steve Rybin.