Maria Bevacqua, Professor

Address: Morris Hall 203
Phone: (507)-389-5025

Maria Bevacqua received her doctorate from Emory University in Women’s Studies and is a Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies. She is the author of Rape on the Public Agenda: Feminism and the Politics of Sexual Assault (Northeastern University Press, 2000), along with numerous articles and book chapters on gender-based violence and LGBTQ politics. Her latest research and teaching interest is feminist food studies. Maria’s teaching interests span the curriculum, but she’s especially interested in gender & law, social movements, and LGBTQ studies. In addition to her scholarship, Maria has engaged in various forms of feminist activism, including reproductive justice, LGBTQ organizing, and rape crisis advocacy. In her free time, Maria enjoys walking her shih tzu Sebastian, taking selfies with her cat Jackson Cat, and doing yoga. 

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