Geographic Information Science (GISc), Graduate Certificate

The courses in the GISc certificate introduce the main concepts and basic principles of geographic information systems and their use in spatial analysis and, information management.

Required Core Courses (12 cr.)

  • GEOG 573 Intermediate GIS (4) F, S
  • GEOG 574 Intro. Remote Sensing (4) F, S
  • GEOG 670 Issues in Geographic Techniques (4) F

Required Elective Courses - Choose Any TWO (6-8 cr.)

  • GEOG 539 Transportation Modeling & GIS (4) S
  • GEOG 571 Digital Field Mapping with GPS (4) F, SU
  • GEOG 575 Applied Remote Sensing & GIS (4) Individual study or TBA
  • GEOG 576 Spatial Statistics (3) F
  • GEOG 578 Spatial Analysis (3) S
  • GEOG 579 GIS Practicum (4) F
  • GEOG580 Seminar (Special topics in GIS):
    • Environmental Hazards (3) F
    • *GIS for Natural Resource (4) F, S
    • *Programming for GIS (3) S

* Require substitution/waiver form for GIS certificate
** Fall semester (F), Spring semester (S), Summer semester (SU)

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