Clinical Practicum Sites

Minneapolis VA
Minneapolis, MN
Learn about action-based cognitive remediation, computer-based training, and transcranial direct current stimulation, observe structured interviews, conduct literature reviews and data analysis, participate in lab meetings.

Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN
In an applied computational neuroscience and neuromodulation lab, learn pre-clinical routine and procedures for experiments, conduct literature reviews, and write manuscripts.

Minnesota Veterans Home
Minneapolis, MN
Conduct functional assessments and interventions with an interdisciplinary care team within a long-term care facility focusing on neurocognitive disorder, provide staff training (in-service and one-on-one) and develop behavior management protocols, and complete rounds with psychiatrist.

Lovaas Institute
Twin Cities, MN
Provide home-based interventions for young children with autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities.

Minnesota State University Counseling Center
Mankato, MN
Learn and provide manualized interventions to teach stress coping skills to college students (behavioral stress management instruction [BSMI]), attend didactic trainings, and develop psychoeducational presentations.

University of Minnesota Medical School - Program in Human Sexuality
Minneapolis, MN
Conduct literature reviews, analyze data, and prepare manuscripts for publication within the area of compulsive sexual behavior.

Five Rivers Mental Health Clinic
Mankato, MN
Provide home- and community-based skills training, assessment, and monitoring to children and teens through psychosocial interventions to replace maladaptive skills acquired over the course of a psychiatric illness, conduct diagnostic assessment, and provide evidence-based psychotherapy to outpatient mental health clients.

Minnesota Autism Center
Twin Cities, MN
Assist with assessments, scoring tools, compiling data, conducting interviews with parents, behavioral observation with clients, some therapy observation, and possible data analysis for research projects.

Surdy Psychological Services
Mankato, MN
Conduct neuropsychological assessments for a community population.