Andrew Halbur, MS Spanish for the Professions


"My experience in the program was simply stellar. The professors were wise, encouraging, understanding, and helpful. They all created an environment where the students could freely speak and learn in their own way. The guidelines and expectations were clear. My advisor was the most encouraging and understanding advisor I have ever had. The content of every class made me think outside the box and expand my worldview in order to grow as a professional.

As a working professional, it was most helpful to have synchronous classes and asynchronous classes. In fact, that is one of the main reasons that I chose this program. I wouldn't have been able to complete it had the classes been in person.

Having classmates from such diverse backgrounds was incredible and that added to the experience. I'd recommend this program to anyone!"

Kanae María Nord, MS Spanish for the Professions
Mayo Clinic Department of Development, International and Executive Health


"I loved my time at MSU in the Spanish for the Professions program. I learned so much about formal writing and my professors were extremely invested in my success. My favorite courses were my writing courses because my professors read through each essay word for word with me. My experience was a little different because I was on campus vs remote, but the classes were great!" 

Laura Johnson, MS Spanish for the Professions
HR, General Mills


"My experience in the MS Spanish for the Professions program was wonderful. I was looking for something flexible as I was also working at the time and didn't want to take a complete gap from working in order to participate in a graduate program. And so although it was a very full two years, it was very rewarding and very nice to be part of that community..." 

Mark Melby, MS Spanish for the Professions
Assistant Director, Study Abroad, Concordia College