Minnesota State Mankato's Geomorphology Class Explores the North Shore

Maverick Students Were Joined by University of Minnesota for Collaborative Field Trip

October 11, 2022 |

Minnesota State University, Mankato Geomorphology students posing on the North Shore of Lake Superior during a high-impact learning, research, and exploration field trip

This past weekend, the Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Geomorphology course (Geog 315) traveled to the North Shore of Lake Superior for a high-impact learning, research, and exploration field trip. This trip was recently created in the Geomorphology course and was conducted for the first time as part of the recent National Science Foundation Frontier Research in Earth Sciences (NSF FRES) project on Lake Superior.

Maverick students from Anthropology, Geology, Geography, Earth Science, Aviation, and History were all involved in this field trip, but they were also joined by University of Minnesota’s version of this course and their professor, Dr. Andrew Wickert. The two schools camped together at Gooseberry Falls State Park, and took part in the same learning and community building activities.

Dr. Andrew Wickert from the University of Minnesota teaching students on the shoreline next to a river at Gooseberry Falls State Park
University of Minnesota's Dr. Wickert teaching students from both schools

Minnesota State University, Mankato and the University of Minnesota are regular collaborators, not only on the NSF FRES project, but also through Minnesotans Mulling over Rivers, Particles, & Hillslopes (MNiMORPH)—a collaboration to support and engage a regional network of scientists and scholars studying the surface environment and how – and why – it changes. MNiMORPH approaches the science of Earth’s surface as the essential link between climate, land use, geodynamic processes, Earth history, and the environment in which we live.

Field trips like this one will be a regular occurrence for both schools as part of the NSF FRES project and the MNiMORPH collaboration.

Landscape view of river and rocks with trees and the blue sky in the background at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Landscape view of river between cliffs with a river boat near North Shore in Minnesota

Photos are courtesy of Dr. Phillip Larson, Director of Earth Science Programs

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