Senior Applied Leadership Student Jenny Ardnt Accepted Into the Juvenile Justice and Special Education Workgroup

October 03, 2022 |

Jenny Ardnt

Jenny Arndt, a senior Applied Leadership student at Minnesota State University, Mankato, has been accepted into the Juvenile Justice and Special Education Workgroup for the Olmstead Implementation Office. The Olmstead Implementation Office is a team of people who track the state's progress on the Minnesota Olmstead Plan goals and report to the Olmstead Subcabinet.

Jenny's workgroup will provide influential recommendations to the subcabinet on positive change in reforming current plan goals and shaping policy on future goals for individuals with disabilities to live, learn, work, and enjoy life alongside everyone else in the community.

Jenny Arndt has been incredibly active in working with our youth and is a great model for going out and making a difference in her community. Through her new journey with the Olmstead Implementation Office, she looks forward to continuing to influence positive and equitable change across Minnesota for individuals with disabilities.