Dr. Yalda Hamidi and Dr. Sherrise Truesdale Moore Named 2023 YWCA Mankato Women of Distinction

April 20, 2023 |

 Awardees in Women of Distinction from YWCA

Photo featuring Dr. Yalda Hamidi (GWS), Dr. Sherrise Truesdale Moore (Criminal Justice) and Jonathan Moore (Criminal Justice Academic Advisor.

Dr. Yalda Hamidi and Dr. Sherrise Truesdale-Moore were honored at the 50th Annual Women of Distinction of Event on April 13, 2023 at The Capitol Room in St. Peter.
Dr. Yalda Nafiseh Hamidi
Dr. Yalda Hamidi is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at Minnesota State University. She is interested in transnational and Islamic feminisms, feminist pedagogy, and feminist cultural and literary studies. She is also a faculty fellow for “Teaching Toward Social Justice” at Minnesota State University Mankato and a member of the MN Committee of Scholars. Yalda facilitated the "Islamic Feminism Book Club" in collaboration with the Women's Center. She will continue her partnership with the Women's  & LGBT Centers on the politics of representation of Queer and Somali Muslims in the media and academic life.
Dr. Sherrise Truesdale Moore
Dr. Sherrise Truesdale Moore is a Professor of Sociology and Corrections at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Dr. Truesdale Moore’s entire career has been defined by her commitment to social justice and advocacy on behalf of members of the Mankato community, including the students, staff, and faculty at Minnesota State University, Mankato who are part of this larger community. She has over 27 years of combined experience in the criminal justice profession, including supervision over federally funded Maryland correctional programs; program development; criminological, legal, and legislative research; and higher education. Her research interests include re-entry issues surrounding formerly incarcerated individuals involved in higher education, cultural-specific programming, mental health, and family, and criminal justice majors in higher education programs.

ABout the Women of Distinction award 

YWCA Mankato has honored and recognized the contributions of women in our community every year since 1973. This year marks the 50th annual celebration of the YWCA Mankato Women of Distinction, honoring women, organizations, and businesses for their leadership, community impact, and most importantly, dedication to the YWCA Mankato’s mission.

The YWCA has honored 150+ women and 8+ organizations for their leadership, significant impact on the community, and dedication to YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism, and empowering women while promoting peace, justice, freedom, and ensuring dignity for all. Each of the women nominated has made a large impact on the community. Their efforts have helped women to live independently, combat ignorance, actively try to end gender violence, and provide community assistance.