A Successful 10 day Field Trip to Hawaii

April 04, 2024 |

The Department of Anthropology and Geography went on a field study trip to Hawaii! Professors Ron Schirmer and Phillip Larson led a group of Geography, Earth Science, Anthropology, and Geology students (enrolled in Geog 440 and Geog 610) on a 10-day learning experience from February 23 - March 4. These courses are the curricular culmination of the EARTH Systems Lab idea for our students.

The group visited the "Big Island"- Hawaii Island - during their classes. These courses are critical, applied, experiential-learning-focused offerings that challenge students to apply concepts and theory learned in classes in their programs to new, spectacular, and challenging settings that help them build a more robust and holistic understanding of physical and cultural landscapes (both in the present and past).

a group of people walking in a caveOur professors and students made great connections with local farmers, and the United States Geological Survey (Hawaii Volcanoes Observatory) and represented the department, college, and university exceptionally well. They received warm welcomes from the local community- and were welcome to come back again soon.

The department has been leading a similar course to the southwest (Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, etc.) every year and now hopes to offer this as a rotation between the southwest and Hawaii.

a group of people sitting in a circle a group of people sitting on rocks by the ocean
a rocky hill with people walking on it a group of people on a beach