The Graduate Scholars in English Association(GSEA) Conference 2024

April 09, 2024 |

On March 29, 2024, the Graduate Scholars of English Association (GSEA) hosted a conference with the theme “Collage: Difference and Alliance,” to promote individual recognition of valuable differences, as well as opportunities for collaborative alliance. The GSEA 2024 conference was one of the most representative in terms of in-person and online participants, having sixty people in attendance.

Twenty-six students, both undergraduate and graduate, shared their creative and academic work with fellow students, faculty members, and even family members. The program included manuscript and oral capstone presentations of second-year graduate students, research papers by first-year graduate students, and ENG 101 project papers.

The morning plenary speaker Dr. Danielle Haque, associate professor of English and program coordinator of the Middle Eastern Studies and the Islamic World Program at MNSU, inaugurated the program with remarks on the diversity of students.

During the lunch keynote session, the photographer Josh Madson talked about his work – Mankato Community Collage. The GSEA chose Mr. Madson as he possessed valuable skills in creative and artistic works, and students from the English Department learned from his message of societal unity: people’s focus should shift from differences between individuals to similarities.

The association thanks the Department of English for sponsoring this conference.

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