The Creative Writing Program is staffed entirely by published poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers. We believe students at all levels of instruction should be guided by individuals steeped in their own creative projects and familiar with the common challenges surrounding bringing imaginative works to completion. The creative writing curriculum assumes that writing and reading are complementary activities, and so students in our programs read some of the best literary works of the past and present while exploring issues of craft and genre that will allow them to take their own writing to a new level.

Good Thunder Reading Series

Whether you read literature or write it, Good Thunder Reading Series offers ways to engage with our visiting writers through writing workshops, craft talks, and readings.

Mankato MFA Newsletter

The Mankato MFA Newsletter highlights upcoming activities, important events, and accomplishments of students, faculty, and alumni in the Creative Writing Program.


Creative Writing has a number of scholarships for new and returning students.

Faculty and Staff

A list of the faculty and staff in the Creative Writing program.