Aging Studies (GC)

The Certificate of Study in Aging Studies is granted upon completion of 15 credits of coursework in Aging Studies and related courses. The Certificate program includes 5 specific courses that are designed to build and enhance skills in the areas of leadership, program administration and policy development. The goal of this certificate is to develop transformational leaders that can become a force for positive social change related to aging within their communities and organizations. This program is fully online and is designed to support the ability of working professionals to meet their educational goals without disrupting their careers. Admission to the Certificate program requires formal application to the Aging Studies. The Director of the Aging Studies serves as the academic advisor for students pursuing this certificate.

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Program Requirements

Common Core

Engaging with the practice of policy development, understanding critical policies impacting the experience of aging, and learning how to become a policy entrepreneur will be the focus for this course. The course will also explore innovations in aging policy globally.

Prerequisites: none

This course will provide students with an integrated knowledge of theory and practice in gerontology and examine the challenges involved in studying and providing services to the elderly, as well as ethical and advocacy-related issues in an aging society.

Prerequisites: none

This course will focus upon the critical examination of leadership in the context of organizations serving older populations. The course will include exploration of decisions, processes and ideas exhibited by transformational leaders in aging in the US and globally.

Prerequisites: none

Implications of sociological knowledge for the administration of Human Services programs. Theoretical and practical aspects of administration with the social service systems.

Prerequisites: none

This course will address theoretical and practical aspects of the planning and evaluation process within social service systems. Evidence-based methods of developing programs and measuring their effectiveness in the human services will be addressed.

Prerequisites: none