Moses Masibo, Assistant Professor

Address: 113H Armstrong Hall
Phone: (507)-389-5604


I am an assistant professor in the Applied Leadership program in the Department of Sociology.  My key areas of  interest are understanding the dynamics between leaders and followers, exploring the role of leaders as agents of social and transformational change, and to better understand the emerging trends of the leadership theory and practice. My research utilizes qualitative social science methods in examining and analyzing leadership theories.


  • Ph.D., in Organizational Leadership, University of Arizona Global Campus
  • M.A. in International Affairs and Administration, Missouri State University
  • B.A. in Religious Studies and Communication, Tangaza College, Kenya
  • A.A. in Political Science, St. Charles Community College, Missouri
  • A.A. in Philosophy and Spirituality, Christ the King Seminary, Kenya

Areas of interest:

  • Leaders and followers
  • Leaders as agents of social transformation and change
  • The need for effective political leaders - Kenya and other developing nations
  • Leadership in the 21st Century- the emerging trends
  • The impact of the middle class on effective and successful political leadership in Kenya
  • Diversity at workplace

Courses Taught:

  •  Financial Literacy for Leaders
  • Introduction to Applied Leadership
  •  Applied Leadership Workshop 2
  • Applied Leadership Communication Workshop 
  • Global Social Entrepreneurship 
  • Professional Studies Portfolio
  • Individual Study

Selected Publications:

  • Masibo, M. (2021). The perception of Kenyan nationals and Kenyan immigrants to the United States on the prosecution of corrupt politicians and high-level government officials. Dissertation. The University of Arizona Global Campus, San Diego, CA
  •  Masibo, M. (2011). “Achieng Oneko”. Dictionary of African Biography. Oxford University Press.
  • Masibo, M. (2006). “The Constitution of Kenya: The flaws and strength,” Thesis, Tangaza College of Catholic University, Kenya
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