Communication and Composition, Master of Science (MS)

A multi-disciplinary program designed for individuals with an interest in teaching both communication (public speaking, interpersonal, small group, and forensics) AND composition at community colleges and technical colleges.

Communication and Media, Master of Arts (MA)

The MA programs offers students the flexibility to advance into a professional career or into a Ph.D. program.

Communication Studies, Master of Science (MS)

The MS degree is typically sought by students interested in gaining knowledge directly applicable to a specific career path. Students usually plan a career in business or industry upon graduation.

Forensics and Communication, Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

The MFA is sought by students interested in the study of forensics. Students interested in the MFA typically want to pursue teaching/coaching positions in an academic environment or want to pursue professional careers involving public speaking, training and development, or public service skills.

Communication Education, Graduate Certificate

An 18-credit graduate certificate in Communication Education (GC-CE) designed for individuals who hold a post-secondary degree in a different discipline and are seeking to expand their education to teach communication courses at a community or technical college.

Professional Communication, Graduate Certificate

Well-rounded communication requires knowing how to interact strategically in face-to-face and online settings. This graduate certificate prepares students with the skills to communicate in a variety of professional contexts including corporate, nonprofit, and government.