NEW! This Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media degree completion program prepares students to become engaged, knowledgeable, and ethical global citizens, advocates, and storytellers. This 100% online program has a flexible and customizable curriculum. Students are prepared for a wide range of communication and media-specific careers, including – but not limited to – journalism and public relations, corporate communication and reputation management, training and development, and sales. Students can also supplement an existing career by enhancing their communication skills. This is an ideal degree completion program for people who have an associate’s degree or have completed the MN Transfer Curriculum.

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Check out the career enhancing courses offered in the program:

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COMM 312: Professional Communication & Interviewing

Polish your presentation and listening skills for effectively communicating in the workplace. 

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COMM 330W: Multimedia Storytelling

Create photo, audio, video and written content for multi-platform distribution. 

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COMM 280: Social Media and Society

Explore social media and its impacts on various publics while learning how to become a responsible online citizen. 

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COMM 326: Interpersonal Comm in Leadership

Investigate how to successfully achieve goals by establishing relationships with others. 

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Discover your path to rewarding careers in communication and media and prepare yourself for a dynamic future in the ever-evolving media space.

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