Theatre & Dance Scholarships

Incoming students may apply for a Theatre & Dance Talent Grant. All other scholarships are available to current students.

Once students have become a part of the Department of Theatre & Dance, they are eligible to apply for more than two dozen scholarships offered to returning students. These scholarships range in amount from $1,100 to nearly $2,500 and are awarded, in part, on the students' contributions to the Department. Applications are available in February, with scholarships announced in late March for the upcoming year.

  • Brianna Richmond Cowles Theatre and Dance Scholarship
  • Bunny Just Theatre Arts Endowment Scholarship
  • Charles W Cantale Theatre Endowment Scholarship
  • F. James and Nancy Zwickey Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Jane F. Earley Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Jane L. Rush Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Joan and Jim Pengra Family Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Julio and Doris Gasteiro Theatre Student Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Kirk Ristau Theatre Scholarship (Claire & Hazel Faust Theatre Endowment)
  • Larry and Betsy Fowler Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Lee T. and Loretta A. Snilsberg Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Mary Jo and Paul J. Hustoles Musical Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Paul J. Hustoles Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Raymond H. and Florence L. Sponberg Theatre & Dance Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Shirley Grundmeier Musical Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Stephan Klein Performing Arts Scholarship (Endowed)
  • Ted and Katy Paul Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)
  • The Lorraine Larson Scholarship
  • The Timothy Huebsch Emerging Theatre Artist Scholarship
  • Theatre and Dance Scholarships
  • Theatre and Dance Talent Grant
  • Tom and Harriet Bliese Theatre Scholarship
  • William B. Steil Technical Theatre Scholarship (Endowed)

Scholarship applications for currently enrolled students are open for the month of February every year.

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