Lu (Wendy) Yan, Associate Professor

Department of Government, Ethic Studies | Graduate Coordinator

Address: 222-J Morris Hall
Phone: 507-389-5276


  • Ph.D., Iowa State University

Areas of Interest

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cultural Pluralism
  • College Student Experience and Success
  • Critical Thinking
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Courses Taught

  • ETHN 100: American Racial Minorities
  • ETHN 203W: Perspective of Asian Americans
  • ETHN 440/540: Asian American Studies
  • ETHN 400/500: Cultural Pluralism

Selected Publications

  • Sun, J & Yan, L. (2023). Using Topic Modeling to Understand Comments in Student Evaluations of Teaching. Discov Educ, 2 (25), DOI:

  • Yan, L. (2022). Critical-Thinking Experiences of Chinese and U.S. College Students: A Comparative Analysis Using Phenomenology. The Qualitative Report, 27 (3), 870-889. DOI:
  • Yan, L. & Pei, S. (2018). Home away from home. How international students handle difficult and negative experiences in American higher education. Journal of International Students, 8(1), 453-472. DOI:
  • Hagedorn, L., Pei, S. & Yan, L. (2016). International students’ struggles: Community college to the rescue. International education at community colleges: Themes, practices, and case studies, 57-74. DOI:
  • Yan, L. (2016). Critical thinking in American higher education: From Chinese female students’ perspectives. Iowa Journal for the Social Studies, 26, 51-74.
  • Yan, L., Sun, J., & Parham, M. (2022). “We've had a friendship and I haven't treated you this way”: The myth of reverse racism. Research Paper Presentation. Association for the Studies of Higher Education (ASHE) annual conference, Las Vegas, November 14-17, 2022.
  • Lopez, Jose Javier., & Yan., L. (2021). Hate crimes in a diverse state: The geography of intolerance in the golden state. Research Paper Presentation. International Conference on Sociality and Humanities, December 17-19, 2021, Virtual and Sanya, China.
  • Yan, L. (2020). Using Epoché to Reimagine Positionality/Self-Reflexivity in Qualitative Research. Research Paper Presentation. American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual conference, San Francisco, CA (2020, Apr 17-21) (Conference canceled due to COVID-19).
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