Chip Panahon, Interim Associate Dean

Professor | School Psychology Doctoral Program

Address: Armstrong Hall 226 (AH 226)
Phone: 507-389-2815


  • Ph.D. in School Psychology, Syracuse University, 2005

Areas of Interest

  • Academic Interventions for Children with EBD
  • Behavioral Intervention for Children with EBD
  • Utilizing Choice and Performance Feedback to Increase Academic Productivity
  • School Consultation
  • Effects of Noncontingent Reinforcement on Academic Performance

Courses Taught

  • Psyc 304 Introduction to School Psychology
  • Psyc 433 Child Psychology
  • Psyc 436 Adolescent Psychology
  • Psyc 476 Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Psyc 705 Tests and Measures in Education
  • Psyc 725 Consultation and Prevention
  • Psyc 737 Multicultural School Psychology

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Panahon, C.J. & Martens, B.K. (2013). A Comparison of Noncontingent Plus Contingent Reinforcement to Contingent Reinforcement Alone on Students’ Academic Performance. Journal of Behavioral Education, 22(1), 37-49.
  • Codding, R.S., Hilt-Panahon, A., Panahon, C.J., & Benson, J.L. (2009). Addressing Mathematics Problems Through School-based Interventions: A review of the literature. Education and Treatment of Children, 32(2), 279-312.
  • Fabiano, G.A., Pelham, W.E., Karmazin, K, Panahon, C.J., & Carlson, C. (2008). A group contingency program to improve the behavior of elementary students in a cafeteria. Behavior Modification, 32(1), 121-132.
  • Chafouleas, S.M., McDougal, J.L., Riley-Tillman, T.C., Panahon, C.J., & Hilt, A.M.(2005). What do daily behavior report cards (DBRCs) measure? An initial comparison of DBRCs with Direct observation for off-task behavior. Psychology in the School, 42, 669-676.
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