Eric Sprankle, Associate Professor | Co-Director, Sexuality Studies Program

Address: 103B Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-5825


  • Clinical Psychologist and AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist
  • Co-Director, Sexuality Studies Program


  • Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Xavier University, 2009

ResEArch Areas

  • Understanding the impact of stigma on marginalized sexual communities.
  • Examining therapist biases against folks with stigmatized identities.
  • Studying the relationships between Satanism, stigma, and mental health.

Courses Taught

  • PSYC 205 Psychology of Sexual Health
  • PSYC 466/566 Psychology of Aging
  • PSYC 401 Sexuality in the Margins
  • PSYC 651 Adult Psychopathology
  • PSYC 665 Clinical Sexuality

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Jennings, T., Hensel, Z., Lyng, T., and Sprankle, E. (2020, April). Satanism: Stigma and mental health. Virtual paper presented at the Midwestern Conference on Professional Psychology.
  • Bloomquist, K., & Sprankle, E. (2019). Sex worker affirmative therapy: Conceptualization and case study. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 34(3), 392-408
  • Gleason, N., Vencill, J., & Sprankle, E. (2019). Swipe left on the bi guys: Examining attitudes toward dating and being sexual with bisexual individuals. Journal of Bisexuality, 18(4), 516-534.
  • Sprankle, E.L., Bloomquist, K., Butcher, C., Gleason, N., & Schaefer, Z. (2017). The role of sex work stigma on victim blame and empathy of sexual assault survivors. Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 15(3), 242-248.
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