Through lectures, case studies, group discussions, interactive activities, and real-world examples, students will gain insights into the role of PR in shaping public perception, building relationships with stakeholders, and managing organizational reputation.

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Potential Career Opportunities

The field of Public Relations offers diverse paths for professionals with strong communication skills, strategic thinking, and interest in building relationships and managing reputations. Students will have a range of career opportunities in nonprofit organizations, public relations agencies, healthcare institutions, educational institutions, and more. 

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Public Relations, Bachelor of Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Relations is an undergraduate degree program that focuses to equip students with the skills necessary to effectively communicate and maintain a positive public image for businesses and organizations.

Advocacy, Minor

The Advocacy Minor is designed to guide students toward using their speaking and writing skills to advocate for issues and causes. A primary commitment of the minor is creating, evaluating, and engaging in communication to shape perspectives, change opinions, and compel persons to action.

Student Resources

Resources for Public Relations students: admission requirements, policies, study abroad opportunities, student organizations, scholarships, and more.

Public Relations Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff contact information for the Public Relations program.


Opportunities to study abroad, explore internships, engage with communities, and discover your potential to make an impact in the real world.