Sociology Club

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The Sociology Club at Minnesota State University, Mankato serves as a social and academic environment whereby students can network resources and practice their sociological imagination. We try to provide opportunities for our fellow students to dive into the sociological world by going to annual conferences such as the Midwest Sociological Association and the Sociologists of Minnesota meetings each year.
We come together on a regular basis and talk about possible activities that would help us strengthen our sociological skills, and then try to do them. Lastly, we build a cohort, every year of students who are excited about our field and want to be a part of it. Sociology club 'members' (we are all members) serve as friends to each other. We share knowledge and are able to network our connections in this way.

In the past, we have engaged in a number of volunteer activities such as "Rake the Town" and the "Relay for Life."

You can find us at the following social media sites.

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  • If you would like to join the Sociology Club, you may email the faculty advisor (below) or go to our page on the Presence website

Sarah Epplen, Faculty Advisor