Undergraduate Degree Programs Admission

We are a production-oriented program that supports those experiences with top-notch, constantly evolving academic programs for everyone from the Theatre Generalist to the student seeking the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting, Musical Theatre or Design/Technology.

How to apply for a BA or BS in Theatre Arts

  1. Apply and be admitted to the University
  2. Meet with the department chair during a scheduled orientation day
  3. Declare a major in Theatre Arts or Dance by setting up a meeting with the department chair, George Grubb.

How to apply for a BFA in Theatre Arts

The BFA degree programs offer a concentration in theatre study to a limited number of highly motivated and talented students. Admission to all BFA programs is highly competitive and limited in terms of student enrollment to insure the individual attention necessary for effective professional training. Read more about the BFA admission requirements.

  1. Apply and be admitted to the University
  2. Complete the BFA application
    If you are also applying for a Talent Grant, you do NOT need to fill-out the Talent Grant application form.
    BFA and FTG applications are due 48 hours before the scheduled audition. 
  3. Audition or Interview (Interview is for Design/Technology Program Only) for the program. The next audition will occur on Thursday, August 17. 2023. The Department will contact you with your audition time after you complete your BFA application.

How to apply for a Talent Grant

First-Year Talent Grant or Transfer Talent Grant may be awarded to an incoming student who meet Minnesota State Mankato admission standards and who plans to enroll as a Theatre & Dance major or participate in theatrical activities. We encourage all incoming first-year and transfer students to apply for Talent Grant.