Adriana Gordillo, Ph.D.


Address: 229A Armstrong Hall (AH 229A)
Phone: (507) 389-5527



  • Ph.D. in Hispanic & Lusophone Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics, University of Minnesota
  • M.A. in Spanish, University of Cincinnati
  • B.A. in History, Universidad del Valle, Cali-Colombia

Adriana Gordillo is from Cali, Colombia, where she majored in History. She moved to the United States to do her master’s degree in Spanish at the University of Cincinnati and then to Minnesota to do her Ph.D. in Hispanic and Lusophone Literature, Cultures, and Linguistics. She also has an interest in creative activities like poetry, photography, and mixed media art. 

Research interests:
Adriana's research and teaching interests include twentieth and twenty-first-century Hispanic American literature and film, with an emphasis on myth, gothic, and the fantastic. Her work deals with the intersection of art, memory, and the representation of otherness. She is the coeditor of the Hispanic Issues volume Writing Monsters: Essays on Iberian and Latin American Cultures. 

Selected Publications:

  • Hereticum. Valparaíso Ediciones. (2024).
  • “Inmigrante,” and “Problemas de lenguaje.” Somos en escrito. June 1, 2023. Online.
  • “Hoy,” “Diócesis,” and “Aquelarre.” Revista Alborismos, #10. Venezuela, 2022, 15-16. Print.
  • “El pájaro poeta,” “La sombra,” and “Naturaleza muerta.” Voces Nuevas. Madrid: Ediciones Torremozas, 2014, 33-36. Print.
  • “Dibujo,” “Pre-historia,” “Sí, aquí estoy,” “Miedo.” Letras Femeninas. Dec/Jan, 2011-2012, 203-208. Print
  • “Indigestión.” Revista Pruka. Marzo-Abril, 2023. Online.
  • Gordillo, Adriana. “Aura, “Constancia,” and “Sleeping Beauty”: Carlos Fuentes’ Little History on Photography.” In Sandra Vizcaíno and Inés Ordiz (Eds.), Latin American Gothic in Literature and CultureRoutledge, 2018.
  • Gordillo, Adriana and Nicholas Spadaccini, Eds. (2014). Writing Monsters: Essays on Iberian and Latin American Cultures. Hispanic Issues On Line. Vol.15. 231 pp.
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