Enrique Torner, Ph.D.

Professor | Spanish

Address: 218O Armstrong Hall (AH 218O)
Phone: (507) 389-5519
Email: enrique.torner@mnsu.edu


  • Ph.D. in Spanish from Indiana University, Bloomington
  • M.S. in Spanish and Comparative Literature from Indiana University, Bloomington
  • B.S. in Spanish Philology from Universidad de Barcelona, Spain
  • Certified ACTFL AAPPL Rater since March 2019
  • Certified ACTFL OPI Tester since 1999
  • Dimensions of the Faith Certificate from Gordon Cornwell Seminary

Born in Barcelona, Spain, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Spanish Philology, Torner completed a double M.S. in Spanish and Comparative Literatures, as well as a Ph.D. in Spanish at Indiana University, Bloomington, thanks in part to a fellowship he received from “La Caixa”, a Spanish bank known in Spain for its long history of prestigious academic funding. He has been teaching Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Cultures since 1992. His main contributions to the department and the university have been organizing the annual International Poetry Recital, conducting and rating Oral Proficiency Interviews for the local and international communities, hosting Nadine Andreas scholars, and helping to hire excellent faculty. His main interests and specialties have been shifting, and in the last few years he has been conducting research on religious history, translation theory and practice, and the mystery genre. He was a translator in Spain before moving to the US, and he has continued translating on demand ever since. He has translated ten books from English into Spanish, published one book on Spanish author Ramón del Valle-Inclán, and many articles on authors from Spain and Spanish America. In 2014, Torner was invited to join the World Association of International Studies (WAIS), the oldest e-journal in the world. He has contributed hundreds of posts to this forum in all kinds of subjects, and was honored recently by this forum with the inclusion of a recent article of his in their short list of Publications, joining prestigious historians Paul Preston, David W Pike, and Angel Viñas.

Recent Publications:
Los inicios del género detectivesco en España y sus antecedentes anglo-americanos: Una antología bilingüe. WAIS (World Association of International Studies), 2019. (digital book published online) http://waisworld.org/en/wais/publications/books

Geografía esperpéntica: El espacio literario en los esperpentos de Valle-Inclán, Lanham, MD: Univ. Press of America, 1996.

Selected articles:
“The Death of Pope John Paul I: A Reappraisal", 2020 (published online in WAIS).

“The Second Vatican Council (11 October 1962-8 December 1965): An Attempt at World Unification that Decided the Fate of Catholic Birth Control.”  World Association of International Studies (WAIS) (2018) and Cornerstone (2019)

“Translating for the Publishing Field”, ATA (American Translators Association) Chronicle (January 2006)

Selected translations from English to Spanish:
Jerome Mintz, Las coplas de carnaval y la sociedad gaditana. Rumores, sexualidad y creatividad en Andalucía. (critical edition) (Carnival Songs and Society: Gossip, Sexuality, and Creativity in Andalucia): Benalup-Casas Viejas (Cádiz): Asociación Cultural Brezo y Castañuela, 2008.

John Lynch, Latinoamérica entre colonia y nación (Latin America between colony and Nation). Barcelona: Crítica, 2001.

Jerome R. Mintz, Los anarquistas de Casas Viejas (The Anarchists in Casas) . Cádiz, Spain: Diputación de Cádiz, 1993.

E.C. Riley, Don Quixote. Barcelona: Editorial Crítica, 1990.

Honored by the “Asociación amigos de Mintz” for his contributions to the translation of Jerome Mintz’s works with a permanent infographic at the Museo Jerome Mintz in Benalup, Cádiz (Spain) (2019)


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