Cross-Disciplinary Studies (MS)

The Cross-Disciplinary Studies MS is a unique degree providing students with a flexibility in creating the direction for their program. The degree requires students to complete two 18-credit graduate certificates in different disciplines plus a one-credit capstone in either discipline for a 37-credit master's degree. The composition of a student's capstone committee is determined by the policy and procedures of the discipline in which the capstone is taken. 

Current Catalog Year
Master of Science
Major / Total Credits
37 / 37

Program Requirements

Common Core

Select and complete an 18-credit graduate certificate offered by the university.
Select and complete a second 18-credit graduate certificate offered by the university.

Capstone Course

Complete at least a 1-credit Capstone Course in either of the two 18-credit graduate certificates selected for the degree and offered by the discipline (e.g., Thesis, Alternate Plan Paper, Internship, Portfolio).