The Chesley Center on Aging serves as the hub for aging-related resources and research on the Minnesota State Mankato campus as well as the portal for collaborations with community agencies and institutions. The Center provides education and applied research in southern Minnesota, and works collaboratively with community partners in the region’s aging network. The Center works collaboratively with aging-related programs and organizations throughout the region. Through its annual Chesley Lecture, professional conferences, educational events and other activities, the Center serves as a bridge between the University and the community on aging-related issues.

About the Center

The Chesley Center on Aging is dedicated to enhancing the process and prospects of aging for individuals and the community through integrated education, research and service, and is committed to supporting excellence within the Aging Studies Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


The Chesley Center on Aging (CCoA) currently focuses upon the areas of Dementia Care and Palliative Care in the development of its continuing education events.We anticipate advancing new supports related to caregiving and long-term care .


Bridging University resources and aging-related needs in the Community is the central focus of the Chesley Center on Aging. Our primary means of accomplishing this is through developing and providing training opportunities for geriatric professionals and interested community members.


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