Kristi Treinen, Ph.D.


Address: 307B Armstrong Hall (AH 307B)
Phone: (507) 389-5535


  • Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the Southern Illinois Univeristy, Carbondale
  • M.S. in Speech Communication from North Dakota State University
  • B.S. in Communication w/an emphasis in Mass Media from Concordia College, Moorhead

A Brainerd, MN native, Dr. Kristi Treinen earned her BA from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN in Communication with an emphasis in Mass Media. After working as a radio DJ and a variety of positions at local radio stations, and having her second child, Treinen decided it was time to pursue her Master of Arts degree. At North Dakota State University, she earned her Master of Arts in Speech Communication. At NDSU, both her thesis advisor and the Department Chair urged her to continue her education, so she, her husband and children packed up and moved to Carbondale, Illinois. After 4 years and a third child, Dr. Treinen was pleased to be offered a position “back home” and since 2002 has worked at MN State Mankato, serving the department, college, and university in a variety of roles. Her true passion lies in critical communication pedagogy – examining how issues of power, race, class, and other standpoints intersect to create inequity in the classroom – advantaging some while pushing others down. Dr. Treinen’s research interests move beyond the pedagogical to audio-doc work, motherhood and communication studies, as well as examining the field of nursing through a communication lens. While research is important, her true passion is for students and helping them achieve their goals at MN State Mankato.

Recent Publications:
Treinen, K. P. (2015/2016). Communication in Action: Educating Graduate Teaching Assistants in At-Risk Pedagogy. Communication and Theatre Association of MN Journal.

Treinen, K.P. (2014). Sandra's & Marit'as's Story: MSUM GlennTaylor Nursing Institute for Families & Society.!Storytelling-with-the-nurses-of-MSUMs-Glen-Taylor-Nursing-Institute-for-Family-Society/c1aod/C2740837-2877-4856-8A7C-689705CE9A22.

Treinen, K. P. (2014).Confession of a Drunk Mother. Explorations: Writing from Recovery.

Treinen, K.P. & Rasmussen, K. (2014). Communication Companion Website. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Found at

Treinen, K. P. (2013). Oral History in the Gender and Communication Course. Communication Teacher


  • Former Director of the Basic Communication Course and Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Former Chair of the Department of Communication Studies
  • Former Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program
  • 2007 Central States Communication Association Outstanding New Teacher Award
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