About the College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is an inclusive community of diverse learners seeking to examine, engage with, and transform the social world while nurturing creativity and innovation.

Our programs will prepare students to thrive in a diverse workplace and society that is increasingly connected to the global economy. We offer students the opportunity to enhance their learning through applied experiences such as internships, service learning, study abroad and away courses, and many more.

Here are just a few highlights and opportunities in our college:

  • The Theatre and Dance Program presents fully mounted productions every academic year, offering students tons of opportunities to get involved on and off stage, including performing, costume design and creation, light and sound board operation, or as an audience member with $5 student tickets.
  • Students present their research and creative works at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and national venues like the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.
  • The EARTH Systems Lab is a student-focused research space that offers unique experiential learning opportunities by integrating scientific inquiry in the classroom, providing extracurricular research opportunities, and training in state-of-the-art techniques within the areas of Earth science, archaeology, and physical geography.
  • Students can attend numerous academic lectures, concerts, and performances, including our popular Minnesota Storytellers and Good Thunder Reading Series.
  • The Conkling Art Gallery hosts numerous art exhibitions featuring works by students, faculty, and visiting artists throughout the year.
  • Students have the opportunity to join various department clubs, honor societies, and university-wide groups such as Maverick Machine Athletic Bands, Speech & Debate Team, and Concert Choir.
  • Students can apply for 150 scholarship opportunities each year totaling approximately $375,000 in funds.

Earning a degree from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences means you're getting an education and unlocking doors to endless possibilities. Whether it's adapting to new challenges or exploring various career paths, our programs set you up to succeed anywhere you choose – “From here, anywhere.'"