College of Humanities & Social Sciences Teacher-Scholar Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The College of Humanities & Social Sciences provides opportunities for outstanding teachers, artists, and scholars at the start of their career, whose interests align with the college core values: knowledge, creativity, communication, critical thinking, diversity, integrity and collaboration. The program prepares Teacher-Scholar Diversity Postdoctoral Fellows for a tenure-track or career in higher education.

We welcome candidates who will receive their Ph.D. or MFA by the fall semester in any field of inquiry within the College, and whose work is multifaceted and innovative, and driven by critical thinking. The program seeks fellows with a track record of teaching in the humanities, and who have scholarly interests and/or creative work in— or that intersect with—one or more of the following: race and ethnicity, sex and gender studies, class, disability studies, digital culture, digital humanities, culture and communication, social justice and activism. In this program, fellows teach courses within their area of specialization, share their scholarly and/or creative work with the public, and help foster a sense of community among undergraduate and graduate students in the College. Fellows also receive mentoring from our experienced and distinguished faculty, and opportunities for professional development within our University.

Program Goals

The College of Humanities & Social Sciences Teacher-Scholar Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Program seeks to expand our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by cluster-hiring one to two Teacher-Scholar Diversity Postdoctoral Fellows each year in departments in the College.

Each two-year appointment comes with a competitive annual salary and full benefits, along with a stipend for conference travel or to support research, teaching and professional development.

Postdoctoral fellows benefit from mentoring and networking opportunities with experienced and distinguished faculty as well as opportunities to engage with their own research or creative work, and to share their work with the University community.

Postdoctoral fellows gain experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in their field, including special topics courses in their area of specialization.