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February 08, 2021 |

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The pandemic upended the way we were learning and the way we were teaching; a lot of change for us all. On the bright side, this situation provided the opportunity and technology to expand our ability to connect and discuss current issues. One practice we put into place were podcasts which offered a viable path for enhancing our curriculum. Spearheaded by Department Chair Pat Nelson, the “Let’s Talk Government” podcasts are designed to generate conversations about the changes in criminal justice, law enforcement and city and local governments, as well as the broader impacts of politics and how we connect with evolving social issues. For example, if you want to think about the importance ofdyour participation in democracy, listen to “Why Does Voting Matter” or “Media, Tweeting and Fake News”. Interested in current events? This summer raised highlighted real differences in issues that will be shaping public policy. Listen to “Defund the Police, Abolish the Police and Policing today” or “Protests, Riots and Outlaw Citizenship” to know more. Spring 2021 topics include: authoritarianism, violent anti-government protests, and differing law enforcement responses to protests. Visit the Let’s Talk Government Podcast page for a complete episode list. “Let’s Talk Government Podcast page”

Let's Talk Gov Podcast square EP8.pngNew Perspective: If you have 30 minutes listen to a podcast about “Dark Tourism and Memorials” to learn how local government copes with tragedies that attract tourists.





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