February 08, 2021 |

Scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are open for application until February 28! Listed below are the scholarships awarded to Criminal Justice, International Relations, Law Enforcement, Political Science and Urban & Regional Studies majors. Available scholarships are named below with estimated award size. Search for these by name or by Department of Government on Scholarship Finder.

Law Enforcement
Dr. Colleen Clarke International Study Abroad    one award   $1,500
Frank A and Marolin P Korth         one award   $1,200
Leibenstein Memorial      one award     $1,300
Carol & Mark Sletner one award     $1,500
P Resch/S Johnston Memorial      one Award    $1,500 
Political Science
Ochsner Endowment   one award $1,200
Roderick Olson Political Science two awards $5,000ea
Truman & Reta Wood     three awards   $ 5,000 a.
Winston Benson Graduate Student   two awards    $1,500
Urban & Regional Studies
Barrett Endowed Scholarship  one award $3500
URSI Leadership/HR Smith – Graduate   one award   $6,000
URSI Leadership/HR Smith – Undergraduate   one award   $2,000