Studio Art Program Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees:
Our undergraduate curriculum is structured so that an individual need not immediately declare which type of art degree they intend to pursue. The courses taken during the first year are foundation or basic courses that are applicable to all our art degrees.  A concern for the proper development of fundamental knowledge and skills is a strong feature of our philosophy concerning undergraduate art training. 

The BA is defined as a "liberal arts" degree that offers a focus in studio art or art history within a program that provides a broad foundation of knowledge and skills.  The BFA is a "professional" degree that presents an opportunity to concentrate on intensive work in art or design sustained by a program of general studies.

Studio specializations are offered in ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Each of these areas is instructed by at least one faculty member considered to be a specialist in that creative discipline. 

Graduate Degree:
The Department of Art offers a graduate degree program that leads to the Master of Arts in Art, a degree that requires 30 credits emphasizing specialized involvement in the student's chosen studio area – ceramics, drawing, graphic design, installation, painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture. The degree requirements include a thesis and courses in research, art history, the specialization area, and a related area outside of the Department of Art. Most students focus on the research and development of creative work that culminates in a public exhibition or presentation as an alternative to the traditional written thesis (also an option). The graduate advisor and committee will assist in establishing the presentation form and appropriate supporting documentation.