BFA Program Policies & Procedures

The BFA degree programs offer a concentration in dance study to a limited number of highly motivated and skilled students. Admission to all BFA programs is highly competitive and selective in terms of student enrollment to ensure more individual attention necessary for effective professional preparation and training. 

Admission Criteria for All BFA Candidates:
The following are the criteria on which incoming BFA candidates are evaluated:

  1. technical proficiency;
  2. artistry;
  3. solo performance;
  4. goals;
  5. writing ability; and,
  6. academic standing.

Admission is based on talent, academic record, motivation and auditions/interviews.

Additional admission requirements for BFA candidates: 

BFA Continuation Requirements:
All students admitted to BFA programs are considered on provisional status in their first year in the program. At the end of the first year, each student will meet with the Dance Faculty to review progress and evaluate the student's status. All students will complete an end-of-term evaluation each fall and spring. BFA students are required to:

  1. Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all dance major required courses;
  2. Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA in all courses;
  3. Enroll in a minimum of 12 credits per semester;
  4. Demonstrate appropriate progress in studio work, performance, choreographic and academic work at end-of-semester evaluations;
  5. Audition for all faculty and guest artist work;
  6. Demonstrate appropriate professional behavior in class and production work;
  7. Demonstrate satisfactory progress towards the completion of University General Education course requirements;
  8. Demonstrate active participation in the Department of Theatre & Dance productions;
  9. Provide service to department through a variety of activities;
  10. Demonstrate commitment to the profession beyond the university.

Students who are making satisfactory progress in all of the above requirements will be granted continuing status. Students that have difficulties completing one or more of these requirements may either be granted probationary status or be dismissed from the BFA program. A student dismissed from the BFA program may still complete the BA/BS degree. Students may remain on probationary status for no more than one semester. Probationary status may be granted only once during the student's program.

No major coursework with a grade below a C will count towards the major degree completion requirements.

Note: If a student decides to voluntarily withdraw from the BFA program, she or he will not be readmitted at a later date.

For further information or if you have any questions, contact Daniel Stark.