Internship Information

An internship is required for the Technical Communication BS or MS. The internship provides an opportunity to apply your learning in a workplace environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A listing of our most commonly asked questions in regard to internships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internship Forms

You’ll need to complete these documents as part of the internship experience:

  • Internship Contract. Before registering for internship credits, you must submit a completed internship contract to your faculty supervisor. The contract identifies the employer, site supervisor, and faculty supervisor and identifies the intern's principle responsibilities to the employer and to the faculty supervisor. 
  • Internship Timesheet. During your internship, record the time spent on your various internship tasks. Append your timesheet to progress reports and to your internship narrative. 
  • Internship Report. At the conclusion of your internship, submit a report and supporting documents to your faculty supervisor. 
  • Internship Evaluation. The site supervisor completes and signs theinternship evaluation form and sends the form directly to the intern's faculty supervisor. 

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