Our English Programs prepare students for a wide variety of careers, including middle and high school English teaching, freelance writing, literary publishing and editing, and technical and professional writing, publishing, and editing.

English Education Program

The undergraduate English Education programs prepare students to teach in middle or high school English language arts classrooms. The graduate program builds the students’ expertise to meet credentialing requirements for teaching college level courses in composition and literature.

English Literature & English Studies Program

The Literature and English Studies programs offer a robust background in British, American, and world literatures, with emphasis placed on critical thinking and written communication. These degree programs prepare students for careers in education, publishing, marketing, law, and administration.


The Humanities Program examines common issues, ideas, and themes that run throughout different cultures and throughout human history. Students will study the roles of human expression in shaping how individuals and cultures understand their connections to each other and to the world.

Rhetoric & Composition Program

Our program prepares writers, readers and thinkers to critically engage in academic and public discourse through academic, social, and digital written communication. We are committed to meeting the needs of our on-campus and online students through innovative curriculum development.

Technical Communication Program

Technical communication classes will teach you to communicate ideas and information effectively. We typically study how people communicate at work and we focus upon making documents that are clear, concise, accurate, thorough, and easy for the audience to use.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program

Our program trains students to teach English learners in a variety of contexts, including higher education, K-12, and abroad. The program also prepares students for careers in non-teaching areas, such as language program administration, curriculum and assessment development, and support services.