English Literature and English Studies, Master of Arts (MA)

The Master of Arts in Literature and English Studies offers a solid foundation in British, American, and World Literature. It covers theory, teaching methods, comprehensive surveys, and detailed studies of specific authors, periods, and genres.

Literature and Composition, Master of Arts (MA)

Master of Arts in Literature and Composition, an interdisciplinary degree for those aiming to teach at the college level. Shape your journey with a variety of electives to match your teaching and research passion.

English Literature, Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate provides students with a foundation in British, American, and World literature, and elective coursework in theory, and more specialized author, period, and genre courses. The program enables students to meet HLC requirements for post-secondary teachers.

Capstone Project (APP) Procedure

Alternate Plan Paper project for the MA in Literature and the MA in Literature & Composition is a long-term research project that demonstrates your mastery of the research and writing skills you’ve learned in your advanced study.