English Studies (BA)

The major provides students with a foundation in English as an academic subject area from across all subfields represented in the department. Electives are chosen from courses in at least three of those areas. The program prepares students for the flexible thinking, creativity, and empathy that the current job market demands and global citizenship requires. Our classes cultivate the adaptable skills of reading and writing, creative and literary thinking, analysis, research, and presentation skills. Depending on the areas of concentration, this degree can prepare students for careers education, publishing, marketing, law, and administration. 

Current Catalog Year
Bachelor of Arts
Major / Total Credits
36 / 120

Program Requirements

Major Common Core

Course in which English Studies majors will synthesize, evaluate, and reflect upon coursework and prepare portfolios connecting their work to program outcomes. Must be taken during the last year in the major.

Prerequisites: none

Major Restricted Electives

Choose 8 Credit(s).

Introduction to learning the written and oral communication of technical information. Assignments include writing and presenting proposals, reports, and documentation. Emphasis on use of rhetorical analysis, computer applications, collaborative writing, and usability testing to complete technical communication tasks in the workplace.

Prerequisites: ENG 101

Goal Areas: GE-02, GE-13

An introduction to literary genres and to the techniques of writing about literature.

Prerequisites: ENG 101

This course introduces students to sociolinguistics with some specific focus on the role of culture and language in education. Topics of study focus on diverse student populations in American schools, particularly language learners. The course examines the interaction between language(s) and culture and helps students explore how individuals are members of many communities and are influenced by a host of different cultural markers, such as language, race, ethnicity, regionalism, social class, gender, and other differences.

Prerequisites: none

Major Unrestricted Electives

Choose 16 Credit(s).

Other Graduation Requirements

Choose 8 credit(s): take one series Language


Required minor: Yes. Any.