An Ethnic Studies student explaining her chart board to professors regarding the challenges on the cultural adjustment process among international students at Minnesota State University, Mankato

Many ES students enrich their education by internship experiences. Internship sites can be inside and outside of campus. Examples of internship sites are: Salvation Army, Institutional Diversity Office, Financial Aid office, YWCA, and Greater Mankato Diversity Council.

A graduate student served as on-site guide, translator, and Japanese language and cultural instructor for a study abroad program in different college as an internship. Your internships also have limitless opportunities!

Student Responsibilities

Before an Internship

  • Seek internship opportunities
  • Consult with your academic advisor
  • Apply for the position
  • Complete internship paper work with your internship site
  • Get a permission from your academic advisor

*Required paper work will be provided from your academic advisor.


After an Internship

  • Submit paper work assigned by your academic advisor