Collective Action Projects

For the Spring 2019 graduate collective action class, the graduate students are working on a project to support Highlander center with the hashtag #HighlanderStories. The project involves a series of actions: First, they interviewed the Director of the Highlander Center, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, when she visited MNSU during our Pan African Conference. Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson is the first black woman, to occupy this prestigious seat of Director of the Highlander Center. Her insights on the various Direct Action projects that the Highlander Center has carried out through the years has been very helpful to the Collective Action. Particularly, they asked her what are the lessons learned from projects such as Black Mama Bail Out and The Movement to Free Cynthia Brown. Second, after the burning down of an office building at the Highlander Center on Friday March 29, 2019, the Collective Action is to help the Center recover from this incident by using what they have learned to activate supporters through social media. The class intends to raise awareness of the good works the Center has done through the years, and to encourage all kinds of support to help them rebuild.

This is an example of a collective action project that has been carried out at MSU. If you decide to take this course, your class will collectively come up with a project and make it happen in that semester.