Geography Colloquia


FRIDAYS, 3:00 P.M. TO 4:15 P.M. (Central)
Armstrong Hall 15 
Questions: Dr. Donald Friend, 507-389-2618,

The Geography Colloquium is the longest running speaker series at Minnesota State University


September 15: Benefits of Recycling Organics for the Environment, the Climate and the Economy

Ms. Kate Worley
Vice President, Sustainability and Business Solutions, Denali

September 22: Minnesota GIS/LIS Student Competition Presentations 

"Analyzing Land-Surface Movement Processes and Effects on Local Communities in Rochester, Minnesota"

Mr. Drew A. Krull -- Minnesota State University Geography Graduate Student

"Modeling Fictional Tectonics in GIS"

Mr. Jack C. Anderson -- Minnesota State University Geography Undergraduate Student

September 29: Do We Still Need Higher Crop Yields?

Dr. Paul Vincelli
Extension Professor & Provost's Distinguished Service Professor; College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Kentucky; Jefferson Science Fellow, National Academy of Sciences

October 13: Expanding Understanding of Wood in River Corridors: Floodplain Wood Dynamics and Long-Term Datasets

Dr. Katherine Lininger
Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Colorado

October 20: Walking Backward into the Future: Loss and Hope in a Changing Climate

Dr. Edward R. Carr
Professor of International Development, Community, and Environment, Clark University

October 27: Applying Remote Sensing, Geophysics, and Archeology in the Investigation of Indigenous Heritage Sites in Minnesota

Dr. Cynthia Miller
Associate Professor of Geography, Minnesota State University

November 3: Aerial Photographic Intelligence in World War II: Reconstructing Critical Scenes Using Modern Geospatial Techniques

Dr. Ronald Schirmer
Professor of Anthropology; Director, Archeology Division, Museum of Anthropology; Co-Director, EARTH Systems Laboratory, Minnesota State University

**November 10: When the Levee Breaks: Climate Change and Housing Displacement in the United States

Mr. Jake Bittle
Staff Writer, Grist
** Special Session in Ostrander Auditorium. (Jointly sponsored with Library & Learning )

November 17: Why I Write About the Land

Dr. Gwen Westerman
Professor of English, Minnesota State University; Poet Laureate of Minnesota

December 1: Urbanization: A ‘One Health’ Perspective

Dr. Gad Perry
Professor of Conservation Biology; Department of Natural Resource Management, Texas Tech University; Jefferson Science Fellow, National Academy of Sciences