Now, more than ever, we need communicators who can develop clear, culturally relevant messages aimed at influencing health literacy and healthy behaviors. Communication skills are vital to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction in clinical health contexts, public health settings, and the myriad of other spaces people get information about their health.

Why Health Communication?

Health Communication at Minnesota State Mankato combines coursework from majors such as Communication and Media, Technical Communication, and Applied Health Sciences to create a major tailor-made to students' interests and career goals.

Health Communication, BS

BS in Health Communication provides undergraduate students with multidisciplinary skills for communicating in health settings or about health and medical topics.

Health Communication Minor

The Health Communication minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide undergraduate students with writing and speaking skills for use in health and medical settings.

Career Opportunities

These Potential Careers in Health Communication set you up for success across numerous fields and disciplines—from patient advocacy to digital copywriting.

Health Communication Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff contact information for Health Communication.