Christopher Corley, Professor | Interim Dean of Library & Learning

Address: Memorial Library 3104
Phone: 507-389-5953


Chris Corley teaches first-year courses on preindustrial European history (from Classical Greece to the Reformation), and advanced courses on early modern (c. 1300-1800) social and cultural history. His specific research interests include the history of women, gender, the family, and young people in early modern Dijon, France.


  • Ph.D., Purdue University, 2001

Fields of Study

  • Premodern European History to 1800
  • Medieval and Early Modern European Social and Cultural
  • Women's History

Courses taught

  • History 180/W: European History to 1648
  • History 250: Riot and Revolution in History
  • History 401/501: Classical World of Greece and Rome
  • History 403/503: The Middle Ages
  • History 406/506: Renaissance and Reformation
  • History 407/507: Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment
  • History 408/508: Women and Gender in European History
  • History 410/510: The Witch Hunts in Europe
  • History 495: Senior Seminar: Childhood and Youth in Europe
  • History 600: Childhood and Youth in Europe
  • History 608: Women in Early Modern Europe

Representative Publications

  • “Errance et abandon: La recirculation des enfants pauvres de Dijon.” Revue d'histoire de l'enfance 'irrégulière' 20 (2018): 201-218.
  • “Les conflits provinciaux, l’expansion de l’État et la puissance paternelle dans la Bourgogne moderne.” Annales de Bourgogne 85 (2013): 85-99.
  • “From Mentoring to Collaborating: Fostering Undergraduate Research in History.” The History Teacher 46 (2013): 397-414.
  • With John Zubizarreta. “The Power and Utility of Reflective Learning Portfolios in Honors.” Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council 13, no. 1 (2012): 63-76.
  • "On the Threshold: Youth as Arbiters of Urban Space in Early Modern France." Journal of Social History 43 (2009): 139-156
  • "Gender, Kin and Guardianship in Early Modern Burgundy." In Family, Gender, and Law in Early Modern France, edited by Suzanne Desan and Jeffrey Merrick, 183-222. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2009
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