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Open Studies (BS)

Open Studies is a flexible, customizable, and multidisciplinary area of study allowing students to choose classes from across the curriculum that align with their interests, needs, and goals. Open Studies is intended for students who have a high volume of credits and uninterested inor unable to complete a traditional major in a reasonable amount of time.

Veterans Education Benefits are not approved for flight training, or any other course or courses where tuition is paid to any entity other than Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Program Requirements

Required General Education

Complete the university general education requirements or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MTC).

Major Common Core

Complete the university's Diverse Cultures graduation requirement.
Complete the university's Writing Intensive graduation requirement.
Earn 40 semester credit hours in upper-division (300-400) courses.
Earn at least 30 semester credit hours from Minnesota State Mankato.
Complete at least 120 semester credit hours.

The BS in Open Studies and BS in Interdisciplinary Studies culminate in a capstone experience course which students take during their final semester of studies. Students reflect upon their learning to understand how their coursework has prepared them to transition from the academic world into the professional world. This is a variable-credit course that can be taken for 1-4 credits depending on each student's needs and under consultation with their advisor. The workload increases with each credit. The requirements for this course are dependent on academic focus and goals for the future.

Prerequisites: none