What Students Say about NPL

"From the moment I learned of the NPL program I knew it was a great fit for me. I have always been involved in nonprofits through volunteering, but the NPL program showed me I could have a future working with nonprofits in a leadership role alongside my future career. The program has taught me so much about the operations of nonprofits and how to effectively carry out programs. I look forward to putting the skills I have learned into use in my future career and everyday life."
Elijah Haglund, NPL minor and certificate, law enforcement major
Current student

“I picked up the NPL certificate near the end of my time at MSU and truly enjoyed every class I took. The internship experience was priceless, and the 473 research project gave me an insight to a whole new side of the nonprofit sector. This program prepared me for a worthwhile career. I was hired right before graduation by St. Olaf College working in their annual giving department. Fundraising has been a major interest of mine since I was 15 and was hired at an NPO in my hometown. With the help of the program at MSU I was equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to excel in my field.”
Nick Raverty
NPL graduate
St. Olaf College


a person smiling for the camera“I was originally drawn to the minor as a way to create an additional career path for myself. As a Music Major, a lot of people will tell you that your career prospects are not high and I was not going to settle for a job where I am not involved in music because ultimately that is what I love to do. Within the scope of working within the nonprofit word, I hope to expand what I am doing and my internship at Mankato Symphony Orchestra and work my way up to the Minnesota Orchestra, and eventually to other organizations involving bringing music to the community.”
Alice Jae Mi Kim, NPL minor, music major

“I am pursing a minor in Nonprofit Leadership and a degree in Urban Studies. As a junior, I had an internship with the American Red Cross and spent the month-long winter break volunteering in relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. My dream is to be part of an international NGO when I graduate. I want to be able to help people that live in the same kind of environment I grew up in as a refugee.”
Ameen Hassan, NPL minor, urban and regional studies major
Current student

“I think of the NPL program as a hidden gem on this campus. It can be used in so many different ways which is what drew me to this program. With this minor my dream is to be able to implement and lead programs for a nonprofit organization whether it is for women that went through domestic violence, saving animals, or to help educate children in developing countries. The goal is to use my knowledge to organize programs to impact as many lives as possible.”
Sidhhi Bhakta, NPL minor, child development and family studies major
Current student

NPL Program Contact:
Dr. Kristi Rendahl, Director & Assistant Professor DPA
Nonprofit Leadership Program
Minnesota State University, Mankato
113 Armstrong Hall
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507-389-5215
Email: kristi.rendahl@mnsu.edu