School Psychology Society (SPS)

The purpose of the School Psychology Society (SPS) is to promote awareness of the discipline of School Psychology and the founding of the School Psychology Doctoral Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato by encouraging education and community involvement. Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome!

Leadership within the School Psychology Society is split between two committees. 

  • Connection Committee: The Connection Committee is responsible for planning and executing social events and service opportunities, such as trivia nights, potlucks, and more. 
  • Awareness Committee: The Awareness Committee is responsible for planning and executing activities that lead to a greater awareness of school psychology, such as speaking to undergraduate classes and developing and sharing social media content. 

Anti-Racism Committee Liaison: The Anti-Racism Committee Liaison is responsible for acting as a liaison between the School Psychology Society and the Anti-Racism Committee. The liaison should seek to establish mutually beneficial, encouraging relationships between the two groups and establish parameters for collaborative efforts.

Membership Dues are $10.00/semester and will expire at the end of the semester they were paid. Please read the 2023-2024 School Psychology Society Constitution for more information regarding membership.

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Students interested in getting involved with the School Psychology Society should email our faculty chair advisor, Dr. Kevin Filter at