Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Must I meet with the department chair? And if so, when?
Yes, you must meet with the department chair in order for your internship to be approved for credit. You should meet with the chair as soon as you start thinking about your internship possibilities.

Can my internship be out of the Mankato area?
Yes. Your internship can be physically located anywhere as long as our other requirements are met.

What coursework do I have to have done before I can get internship credit?
While you can technically complete an internship at any time, you may only complete an internship for credit after you have completed the mass media core coursework and your advanced writing class.

Can I do the internship and get the credit for it later?
No. You can only get credit for the internship during the term in which you are working at your internship.

How do I find an internship?
Employers sometimes send us requests and postings that we put up on our bulletin board and on Facebook. Others may be found through MavJobs or other networking. Some of the best internships come from students employing their own connections to find a person already employed in the field who is willing to supervise you. The chair will help you direct your search.

Does it have to be a paid internship?
Not necessarily. The main criterion we use for approving an internship is that you are working for a media or communications professional who is demonstrably teaching you the job he or she is doing. If you are doing work that an employee would normally be doing, than by federal law, you must be paid. Employers must pay interns that are doing the work of an employee unless the business itself is a non-profit organization. However, if others are employed to do the work you are learning to do, the organization may not be required to pay you. (The Department of Communication prefers that our students be paid for their work.)

If you have any further questions, please contact the Communication and Media Department.