Beth Wielde Heidelberg, Professor

Address: 106 Morris Hall
Phone: 507-389-1715


  • Doctorate in Public Administration (DPA)
  • Master of Arts in Urban Planning (MAUP)


Dr. Heidelberg has been with Minnesota State University since the early 2000s, teaching courses in historic architecture, architectural historic preservation policy, urban planning, and urban administrative law.

Courses Taught

  • URBS 110: The City
  • URBS 401/ 501: Foundations of Planning and Management
  • URBS 437/537: Heritage Preservation
  • URBS 438/538: Historic Preservation Policy and Field Methods
  • URBS 489: Senior Capstone


Heidelberg's research interest focueses on dark tourism and its impact on local government policy and communities. Dark tourism is tourism to places famous as sites of disaster, accidents, tragedy, and supernatural folklore.


Heidelberg (2022). Not fade away: a case study of Clear Lake, Iowa and municipal involvement in dark tourism. Journal of Heritage Tourism, Volume 18, 2023 - Issue 1, DOI: 10.1080/1743873X.2022.2114837

Heidelberg (2015). Managing ghosts: exploring local government involvement in dark tourism. Journal of Heritage Tourism, Volume 10, 2015 - Number 1. Routledge, Taylor & Francis. 

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